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1967 Triumph 650cc Staracer Street tracker
a Genuine Vintage flat track racer with an added headlight, tail light and center
stand for the street. Staracer Frame, Kennedy Wheels, Staracer Brakes,
Staracer Triple Clamps, Adain Solo Seat and Pillion Pad in ribbed black leather with purple glitter vinal,
Stainless rear fender, Staracer Carbon Fiber Inner Fender, hand built Stainless
Steel Exhaust with baffles, NOS Betor Forks and NOS Betor Chrome Rear Shocks
and hand built Stainless Number Plates. I chose an original Trackmaster tank
because I always liked the sleek look and finished it in hot rod black primer
and purple metal flake scallops to compliment the seat.

"Miler" style frames
Foreground is Staracer 750 Triumph
Background is Trackmaster Style
Both shown nickel plated (optional), include swing arm,
rear axle, chain adjusters, foot pegs,
, brake plate, steering head
bearings, motor mount brackets, and hardware.


Small backbone "Staracer" Frame,with built in oil tank $2,995.00


Quick Change Rear Complete,with adapters,knock off nuts and bolts

Temporarily out of stock STARACER TRIPLE CLAMPS 35mm fork diameter 55mm offset X 196mm wide center to center
Aluminum with stem, dual locking nuts, handlebar clamps, and hardware. Specifically designed to optimize
the handling of your vintage style frame. Don't let them tell you different! $485.00

Clamp on Fork Stops for 35MM forks,uses BSA shifter rubber(not included)! $55.00

Large Spool Rear Hub Complete includes hub, two 1.125� knock off adapters with three eared knock offs nuts and bolt kits, two 6205ZZ bearings and long center hub spacer.$450.00
Available in 40 hole only


Staracer Rear Brake Assembly featuring Brembo components, comes complete with
Star Disc, Caliper and Master Cylinder, two piece hanger bracket, bolts and hardware $375.00

24" Braided stainless brake line with fittings add $38.00,

Aluminum brake rod with spherical ball ends and jam nuts add $38.00



Snail Adjusters (one pair) $28.00 Please specify axle size 15mm, 17mm, 3/4" or 20mm


Kennedy Knock Off Wrench $28.00. Every toolbox should have one.


Update your old style quick change wheels with our new adapters. Larger bearings have been moved to the outside of the adapter to reduce axle and swingarm flex and rotate more freely. Compatible with all Kennedy and Barns style hubs. Comes complete with 1.125" adapter, knock off nut and bolt kit. $95.00 each. Bearings sold separately ($14.00 each). Long center hub spacer required, add $16.00


Also available for individual purchase, correct series bolt kit in 1 3/4" and 2" lengths with Nylok nuts, 4 of each $32.00/kit


Billet aluminum dust covers to fit Staracer,Trackmaster and all other frames with a 2 1/4" steering head. Stem dia. is 1". Finally, dust covers that really fit! Sold by the pair, $24.00


High Tech Inner Fender, fiber glass. This is the only inner fender ever specifically designed to properly fit Staracer and Trackmaster frames. Its flexibility should allow it to fit almost any frame, and can be trimmed for right or left hand drive. Get rid of that trashy looking number plate taped to your frame and put in the right part for the job. Guaranteed to impress your friends! Fiber Glass $55.00



Staracer stickers. Black on chrome round $5.00 each. Small red, white, and blue $4.00 each. Large red, white, and blue $6.00 each


Brake Pedal Kit. Everything you need to build your own custom brake pedal. Made of heavy wall 4130 chrome moly steel with aluminum pivot bushing. Welding required. $48.00


Double sealed wheel bearings, 6202, 6203, 6204, 6205, all $12.00 each. 7100 Tapered Steering head bearings for 1" stem $18.00 each. 7204 Steering head races, fit Staracer/Trackmaster and many others $18.00 each. Oilite bronze swingarm bushings $10.00 each. Steel inner bushings $7.50 each. 7/16" long engine bolt $12.00 each. 5/8" swingarm bolt $22.00 each. 5/16" male Spherical rod ends $18.00 each.


Trackmaster style universal folding foot pegs. Threaded lugs for bolt on or weld on applications. Blade, clevis and hardware only, does not come with rubbers. $62.00 per pair.


Genuine Kennedy Wheels since 1968. Quality you can trust, accept no imitations.

Roger Attebury(left) and Larry Kennedy (right)
Las Vegas National 1998
Staracer Triumph 750

Complete bike, less motor and suspension,
can be built as a roller by us for under $5000.00!
Brand new - Best of everything!

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